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A slam dunk for philly's economy

Economic Benefit

This is an opportunity too great to pass up – during its first 30 years of operation, 76 place is expected to create over $1.5B in NEW tax revenue for public schools, the City, and State

The construction of the arena will bring 12,200 jobs and inject $2.3 BILLION of economic impact into Center City.

It will spur additional economic benefits to the surrounding area, including increased foot traffic to 700+ retail businesses within ½ mile of the arena.

Once built, the arena will host events about 150 nights a year, driving an estimated $400M of net new economic impact annually.

We will reserve dedicated space for small, diverse local businesses and programs and investment to help them prepare to take advantage of this historic opportunity.

By the Numbers:

Economic Impact


Potential economic impact to Philadelphia




Potential economic impact to Philadelphia


good for local business, too.

700+ businesses in Food Services, Retail, and Arts & Entertainment will benefit from being within a ½ mile walking distance of the arena

Following events at the Convention Center, the average daily population walking in front of shops and restaurants increased by 74% to 35,300

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