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The Right Move for the sixers

The Right Move For The Sixers.

The Right Move for Market East

What's 76Place
All About?

Working in close collaboration with stakeholders from across Philadelphia, the 76ers are poised to fully deliver a world-class arena to the heart of Philadelphia – at no cost to city taxpayers. This slam dunk for our city, businesses, residents, and fans is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revitalize Market East and give the 76ers and its fans the arena they deserve.

The Right Move for Philadelphia

The 76ers’ need for a modern and permanent home aligns with the city’s need to revitalize Market East, a section of Center City dealing with increasing vacancy and decreased foot traffic, creating a win-win opportunity.

Past → Present → Future

Market East Reimagined

Market East has historically served as the gateway to Philadelphia’s business, shopping, and entertainment districts. Decades-long challenges with the Fashion District Mall (formerly the Gallery) have contributed to decreased safety and foot traffic and increased vacancy. Replacing that with a state-of-the-art arena with groundfloor retail will help reactivate and revitalize the area on both event and non-event days alike.

Market East's past

Market East's present

Market East's future

Our city needs & Deserves a

State of the art downtown arena

27 NBA Teams have downtown arenas. Philly is a sports city, second to none, and deserves to be next:

Courtside updates

A no brainer for our local economy

The project would be a major economic driver for Philadelphia, creating jobs and contract opportunities during construction and after opening. We are committed to connecting these economic opportunities to residents and businesses in the surrounding neighborhoods and communities of color across the city.

$2.3B of Economic Output and 12,200 Jobs During Construction
$400M of Economic Output Annually and 1,000 Permanent Jobs Upon Stabilization
Potential to Spur Billions of Dollars of Additional Activity
$2+ Million Fund For Supporting Local Black-Owned Businesses

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And Don't Worry

It's Accessible, too.

Inspired by the success of downtown arenas built around public transportation hubs in other cities, we believe that Market East is the best location for a new arena. It would be located in the part of the mall from 10th-11th Streets on Market Street.

Market East's past

Market East's present

Market East's future

Project Timeline

Our vision for 76Place was born in 2022, reimagining what an arena could do for our community. From conception to ribbon-cutting, we expect the 76ers to tip off for their first game in 2031.

Meet Our Team

76Place is being built to give our team a state-of-the-art facility and our fans the experience they deserve, serving as an anchor for the revitalization of Market East. Meet the team working hard to bring you 76Place – a reimagined arena for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Community Investment

Together, we can make 76Place a model for inclusive, responsible, and equitable development that re-energizes Market Street East and lifts up our entire community. Learn more about the Sixers’ commitment to invest $50 million towards a Community Benefit Agreement.

Are You All IN?

Become a community endorser of 76Place

The 76ers are ready to bring a new, championship-caliber arena to the heart of Philadelphia. In anticipation of this project, we want Philadelphia to know that we take our responsibility seriously and are pledging our commitment to being a model of equitable development that benefits not only its surrounding communities – but all of Philadelphia.

The 76ers pledge to invest in community resources that will intentionally support economic vitality, preserve affordability, and prevent displacement;

The 76ers pledge to create job opportunities for local residents and tradespeople; we will create development that will ensure equitable employment opportunities and hiring for minority residents as well as their businesses;

The 76ers pledge to invest in the city infrastructure; we believe in the power of transit-oriented development, what it means to the residents and visitors of the city to have safe, reliable accessibility;

The 76ers pledge to improve public safety in the area and will invest in programs and infrastructure to address issues of crime and safety that are currently negatively impacting residents, visitors, and businesses;

The 76ers pledge to be environmentally responsible and to implement sustainable development practices in the construction and operation of the arena;

The 76ers pledge to collaborate with community organizations to create programming and events that engage and benefit residents, creating a place of community gathering and pride on non-game days;

The 76ers pledge to create an arena that is accessible to all members of the community, including those with disabilities, and that it provides opportunities for all people;

The 76ers pledge to be transparent and accountable in our decision-making and will engage in open and honest communication with stakeholders throughout the development process and operational phase;

The 76ers pledge to be a cornerstone of this sports town, and to create an arena that will give our team every competitive advantage possible to attract and retain the talent needed to win championships;

Join The Team

Endorse 76Place

Are you all in? Stand with and support the 76ers in the development of the 76Place arena project in its efforts to develop equitably and responsibly to benefit the surrounding neighborhoods and communities across Philadelphia. We believe in its potential to revitalize Market East and create opportunity for Philadelphia. Sign on now:

Trust The Process

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