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How is the team accounting for transportation for a largely suburban fan base? What’s the data for this group?

Our traffic study compared average travel times to 76 Place with travel times to the Wells Fargo Center. On average, fans coming to games will save 40 minutes of their commute by taking public transit to 76 Place versus driving to the Wells Fargo Center. Not only is it faster, but it is also cheaper than parking, and the additional ridership would create an estimated $11 million annual revenue boost for SEPTA and PATCO. While an estimated 80 percent of our fans drive to games now, we project only 40 percent will drive to the new arena because of the location and public transit options, resulting in a reduction of nearly 1,700 cars per game. That means more than half of fans will get to games by rideshare, walking, or public transit – which is similar to what other downtown events like the Auto Show have seen. This also means that the demand for parking will be reduced by 35 percent at 76 Place when compared to Wells Fargo. For those that will still drive to games, third party traffic engineers have identified more than 9,000 spaces within a 10-15 minute walk of the arena. When looking at historical data provided by garage operators along with data collected by physically surveying the garages shown, we estimate approximately 5,600 empty spaces on average during our event times. That’s 2,500 more spaces than the expected parking demand.

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