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How will 76ers prevent any failures/missteps that occurred in Washington DC while building the Capital One arena?

One key difference between our project and Washington DC is we are not directly displacing any Chinatown residents or businesses, nor are we building within Chinatown. Additionally, very few, if any meaningful efforts were put into place to preserve DC Chinatown when that arena was built, whereas we are committing significant resources and have spent significant time gaining an understanding of how we can best develop an arena that will avoid the mistakes of the past and maximize benefits to surrounding neighborhoods. Still, we are sensitive to concerns of what other impacts the arena may have, and we have analyzed demographic trends in Philadelphia’s Chinatown and in the Asian population more broadly across Philadelphia to get a better understanding of the dynamics. We are committed to investing in the preservation of local businesses and affordable housing options so that Chinatown retains its character, remains a cultural hub, and that existing residents have the option to remain in place. We are also supportive of any public policy measures that would help protect affordability within Chinatown in the context of the arena — measures that were not taken in DC.

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