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Who will pay for infrastructure upgrades the arena would require (upgrades to or reroutes of public transit, electrical grid, sewage, traffic management etc.)?

One of the main reasons why East Market Street is the ideal location for 76 Place is because the needed infrastructure is already there. There are no reroutes of public transit lines needed to serve the site – it is already immediately adjacent to almost every route serving the region. The PATCO speedline, SEPTA Regional Rail, subway and trolley lines, and multiple bus routes all serve the site. Center City has multiple electrical, water, sewer, gas and steam mains in place that serve the mall and surrounding high rises that have ample capacity to serve the arena.

Moreover, as Paul Levy, the head of the Center City District recently noted, a new Market Street East arena could actually be part of an overall plan for additional state and federal investment that could, as reported by WHYY, “make Market East a part of town where people want to spend time and money year-round, residents and non-residents alike.”

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