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Sixers aim to minimize arena parking concerns with a new ‘smart routing’ partnership

The 76ers’ development arm is partnering with Philadelphia’s Parkway Corporation in an effort to manage the demand they anticipate from fans driving to their proposed Center City arena.

76 DevCo has said it does not intend to build parking as part of the development, and pointed out that there are several existing garages in the area.

If the planned Parkway collaboration bears out, people could opt to reserve a parking spot when they purchase their ticket. That pre-paid reservation would be tailored to the facility closest to their route of arrival to ease roadway congestion using plate-reading technology and associated software. Austin-based Flash Parking is the current tech provider.

Family-owned Parkway Corporation, now in its 100th year, has expertise with and knowledge of the 29 parking facilities within a half mile of the proposed arena site, according to Robert Zuritsky, Parkway president and CEO.

“Some of them are owned by the city, most of them are owned by private industry,” Zuritsky told Billy Penn. Parkway’s facilities in the area are already technologically capable of being incorporated into the plan, he said.

With the collaboration planned to go live in 2031 — when the Sixers want to open the yet-to-be approved arena — he believes lots owned by other firms and the city can be similarly outfitted with time to spare.

All told, Zuritsky said, there’s “12,000 to 15,000 parking spaces that people could use.”

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